What is it?

The CLI allows you to work with data directly from the command line. You can Browse and Create objects, view, edit, create, and delete records, execute APEX code and SOQL queries, and more.

Getting started

Once installed, you'll have access to the `force` command from your command shell. A account is required. If you do not have one, sign-up for a free developer account:

$ force login

You're now ready to use the CLI:

$ force help

Available commands:
  login     Log in to
  logout    Log out from
  whoami    Show information about the active account
  sobject   Manage sobjects
  field     Manage sobject fields
  record    Create, modify, or view records
  export    Export metadata to a local directory
  import    Import metadata from a local directory
  query     Execute a SOQL query
  apex      Execute anonymous Apex code
  version   Display current version
  update    Update to the latest version
  help      Show this help

Run 'force help [command]' for details.